I’m a Photographer not a Writer…

2 October 2007

A long time ago I had this job. I lived in Sacramento and the best paying, most flexible job in town for a college student was to work as a student assistant for the State of California. And unfortunately and fortunately for me the best paid of those jobs was at the California Dept of Corrections in the Public Relations office. My job was to answer questions from the public (off the record), write and photograph for Corrections News. I worked with three journalism students in a bull pen with light tables and Macs installed with all kinds of graphic programs and equipment. I am not sure I thought too much about the weirdness of the job at the time, I was young – 19.  I was happy to learn about layout, writing and to photograph. We got a lot of strange calls. After a while we started a quote of the day board. It made the time pass and we could laugh about the silly things we said and sometimes to deal with the truly bizarre situations of our job.

Lately I have been thinking of quotes. I am not the best writer. I write like I talk, in run-on sentences with tangents, it’s wordy and my grammar isn’t good. Writing about myself and especially my work I find difficult. I am just not sure I can sum it up. I am not sure it is totally intellectual, and I am not sure I want it to be. Instead of an Artist’s statement I wonder if It wouldn’t be best to string along a bunch of quotes. Maybe this one on why I don’t want to write one at all….

“It’s supposed to be that ….examining every scrap of the brain, our emotions and what not, is supposed to advance something. Usually it depresses rather than advances. I think.”

Ned, from Act III, It’s Never Over, This American Life #314

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