Roadworks Take Time

17 October 2007

Repairing Barnard Avenue, 2003

Presidio Blvd is closed for re-paving. When I drove by this morning a white street sweeping truck was driving round and round in wide circles in a short cordoned off stretch near Lincoln.  It looked a bit comical and I had to stop, to try to capture the laps as blurry white circles in the sea of fresh black tarmac. I am not sure yet how that one will come out but it reminded me of this picture I took in 2003.

On another drive by after working up on Washington, I caught sight of road workers pounding down a small square patch of pavement on Barnard Ave. With their permission, I set up, assuring them that it didn’t matter what they looked like because they wouldn’t be recognizable in the final picture anyway. I was just starting to think about using time and motion in my photographs.

At the time I was shooting on film (this was Ilford Pan-F Plus 50), and I worried about putting a portfolio together. I thought my image tastes were too eclectic, not cohesive enough. When I look back at it now, it looks exactly like something I would do today. It just took some time to get here. Now I worry about other challenges, but this afternoon I feel better looking back, knowing that.

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