Night of the Witches

30 October 2007

Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954) from Film in the Fog, 2007

Nicole Antebi, Michael Beck, Yves Bodson, Elizabeth Dierker, Martin Diekhoff, Leslie Doyle, Molly Garvey, Shawn Gust, Melanie Heston, Ian Hunter, Andres Janacua, Liz Kuball, Jon Mapel, Lydia Marcus, Renee Martin, Angela Marklew, Johanna Reed, Josh Ross, Star Rosencrans, Jennifer Secord, Michael Segal, Larry Siemens, Aline Smithson, Catherine Stebbins, David Stone, Maya Tasaka, Phil Taylor, Jacqueline Trong, Charity Vargas, Greg Wasserstrom, Michael Werner

Tomorrow night Shotgun Space is having it’s Inaugural Cartridge Night Group Show and Halloween Party. It’s a costume gallery party with Halloween inspired limited edition prints.

If you are in LA, costume up and join them from 8-11 pm Halloween Night at 2121 San Fernando Rd., Suite 11, Los Angeles.

Thanks to Liz Kuball who’s own awesome work will also be up that night (and who just finished her show there) for the info on it over at her blog.

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