My Car, My Tree, Carmel and MPG’s…

28 August 2007

My Car, My Tree (#450) in the Presidio of San Francisco

This morning when I jumped in my car, there was still 1/3 of a tank of gas left. This is not surprising, just cool. Over the weekend we drove to Carmel and back, a round trip of 300 miles, filling up once before we left. My husband drove so that probably accounts for the awesome 48.1 MPG’s we got – I tend to accelerate and brake too much. I love our (my) car!

I was in Carmel for a weekend workshop at the Center for Photographic Art with Chris Pichler, publisher of Nazraeli Press and Dave Gardner a master printer who printed some of Ansel Adam’s books. The workshop was all about photo books: making them, printing them, seeing them and talking about them. Books are one of my favorite things and over the weekend I gained some really great feedback and encouragement for the Presidio Project from some people I really respect.

And if that wasn’t cool enough while there I met, swapped stories with and generally had a good chin-wag (chat) with the very cool Liz Kuball and saw the Yamamoto Masao exhibit and met him and his wife. A good weekend.

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