A Little Tree History and Other News (Newsletter #3)

8 August 2007

Tree #2412 at FisherLoop


Lately, I am a little obsessed with trees – so much so that my husband gives me a certain look when I mention them. I can’t resist though. The Presidio has beautiful trees. It wasn’t always this way; in the mid 1800’s when the US Army took over the land there was “scarcely a tree left”. All the local scrub oak had been cut down and used for cooking or building. The Presidio was a treeless and exposed coastal landscape.

The Army, to separate its self from the raucous post-gold rush town of San Francisco planted the historic forests. From 1883 to 1905 Army gardeners transformed the landscape of the Presidio growing and planting young trees along the ridges and surrounding all its entrances. On Arbor Day 1886, Adolph Sutro helped out by donating 3000 young tree slips for Bay Area school children to plant. Some 60,000 of the century (+) old trees still grace our park.

The Presidio Forestry department is responsible for maintaining and replenishing these aging forests and does so with great skill and care. If you are wondering why the trees have numbers, it is to help the foresters monitor the health and safety of those trees at risk from and to human activity.

Oh and Tree #2412 is a beautiful blue atlas cedar.

In Other News
This summer we have been busy making some improvements of our own. My portfolio of fine art prints is now available for purchase online.

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