15 June 2007

To quote Ali G – I’ve got mad respect for 1. National Geographic Photographers and 2. The National Park Service….
In May I went to the Presidio Science Symposium, a day of presentations on The Presidio’s plants, animals, insects and archeology by experts in their respective fields. There I meet Peter a Presidio Trust forestry guy and GGNRA Raptor Observatory volunteer Kim. They let me tag along with them after lunch to look at some young Great Horned Owls in their nests in the Presidio.

A Young Great Horned Owl Nesting in the Presidio of San Francisco

The dedication of the park service employees to improve and safe guard this place. And 2. Nature photography is hard work, plain and simple. It is hard to get close, there is a lot of waiting around, in sometimes very bad conditions and the work out there is so good that the competition is tough. But it was fun for a day…

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