Race Track Practice

15 June 2007

I have been saving my posts up since it has been a very busy month. I went to a conference, was on vacation, went to a workshop, threw a party and went to a graduation. I made images at all these events, some work, some for practice and some just for fun. So here is the first of my long delayed posts…

Last Christmas I gave my husband a gift certificate to for a half day racing lesson at Sears Point Raceway. In May he went up for a day of racing lessons and I went along to make some images. It was good practice using different techniques and pretty fun as I was allowed to shoot the final lap from the crow’s nest!

This is Jason racing a straight away captured with panning.

Panning a Straight Away

This is his last lap coming around turn 11 captured stopped down and using an ND filter.

Car 33 coming out of Turn 11

Jason crosses the finish line. It was harder than I thought to get that
final split second all lined up, just a fraction of a second off…

Car 33 crosses the finish line

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