Late Night at the Internet Archive (Newsletter #2)

14 May 2007

This is the second edition of my newsletter. Happy Monday and glad you are still subscribed!

Late Night at the Internet Archive 

This photograph is of one of the oldest building’s in the park which is now home to the Internet Archive. It is from late 2006 when I began to photograph more at night. It was a tough image to make. The street lights on this corner near the Golden Gate Club are very harsh. I really liked the palm shadow over the light filled window, so when my first attempt didn’t work out, I went back two nights later. Something I didn’t see at the time, and just love now, is that the poster in the top right window reads “Access to Great Books for All”.

Map Mash-up Web 2.0 Style
I am very excited to share a new feature on my website, an interactive map of the locations of the Presidio Project photographs. It probably gave me more enjoyment than it will you, but check it out here and let me know what you think.

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