Looking for the Lights

29 April 2007

Headlights, Lucas Valley Road, 2007

This last Friday, The Night Lights Photo Group headed up to Marin for a shoot at Big Rock Trail off Lucas Valley Road. Denise had found this great location while on a day hike and invited us all out for a night shoot. I was happy to have TJ to join us again, as he was a boy scout (you know in case we got lost or needed someone to fashion a tourniquet?) and he is a great assistant. The moon wasn’t quite full yet and it was very dark. I was struggling to find something “me”, when as we were coming down the trail these headlights turned a climbing corner and glowed upward and I thought OK, this is good. With more vapor in the air the effect would be more pronounced which is a compositional effect that I have been exploring lately, like this and this.

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