Cherry Blossoms at Letterman (Newsletter #1)

8 April 2007

This is my first newsletter. I plan to send one out quarterly, with an image and a little news on what I’m working on. If this is something you aren’t interested in receiving, I won’t be offended. Please just click on this link and I’ll unsubscribe you from the list.

Cherry Blossoms at Letterman, March 2007
The Cherries are in blossom in the park, but the weather has been quite brisk and so they don’t seem to last very long. This young cherry at Letterman had a lovely pattern of petals blown onto the grass by the wind. The exposure was relatively short for night photography, but enough to create a nice motion blur in the clouds and branches which I think created a beautiful image.

New Website and New Work
I have a new website full of lots of new work of my long term project on the buildings and landscape of the The Presidio of San Francisco.
I have been photographing the park for three years now. It is a beautiful place full of history, resilience and hope, which is the underlying theme to my work. I have created a series of Fine Art Black and White Prints and I hope to publish them in a book on the Presidio.

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